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세부에서 불법 온라인도박 운영으로 한국인 4명 체포

Views : 387 2022-08-06 10:17
광고 자동 등록 1275363097
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세부에서 불법 온라인 게임을 운영하다 체포된 4명의 한국인은 강태원(42세, 광주), 정호원(41세), 김대현(36세), 박지성(40세)와 같습니다.

뉴스 일부 발췌:

AT LEAST four South Korean nationals allegedly operating an illegal Pogo (Philippine Offshore Gaming Operation) and other scams were apprehended in their condominium unit in Barangay Lahug, Cebu City on Friday morning, Aug. 5, 2022.

Operatives of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) Lapu-Lapu City Field Unit, along with the CIDG 7, arrested the four individuals after a legal search at their condo unit yielded several equipment used for illegal Pogo and dating sites.

The search warrant was issued by Judge Ramon Daomilas of Cebu City Regional Trial Court Branch 11.

Arrested by the CIDG personnel are Kang Tae-wong , 42, of Gwangju, South Korea, who is the subject of the search warrant; and his colleagues Jung Ho-won, 41; Kim Dae-hyeon, 36; and Park Ji-sung, 40.

Seized from them were 18 computer sets, 11 cellular phones, nine one time password generators or OTPG, seven Wi-Fi routers, 120 subscriber identity module or SIM cards allegedly used in the scamming activity, 30 universal serial bus or USB flash drives and other electronic devices.

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