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Duterte blames 'friend' Trump for Philippines economic woes(2)

Views : 5,860 2022-11-29 16:26

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Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on Saturday blamed US President Donald Trump after inflation hit a nine-year high in the Philippines, hurting the image of the populist leader.
It was an unexpected claim from the fiery Duterte, a one-time fierce critic of the United States but who has since embraced Trump after the business tycoon was elected in November, 2016.
When questioned by reporters about the 6.4 percent inflation in August, a nine-year high that exceeded most analysts' forecasts, Duterte blamed Trump's economic policies.
"Who started it? America. When America raised its rates, everyone raised theirs as well. That is how it is. There is nothing we can do," he told reporters.
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Phil Inv [쪽지 보내기] 2022-11-29 16:52 No. 1275387245
물가는 러우전쟁나고 국제 원유가 오르면서 고공행진한거 아닌가요? 바이든은 현대통령이라 두테르테가 못까는 건가요. 전엔 오바마 그리도 잘 까대더만. ㅎㅎㅎ
Phil Inv [쪽지 보내기] 2022-11-29 20:08 No. 1275387269
@ Phil Inv 님에게...

흠....2018년 뉴스군요.
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